First OEM's confirm the quality of the completely chrome(VI)-free coating process


For half a year, the new completely chrome(VI)-free coating process for plastics has been put through its paces in a converted series plant in numerous sample campaigns. In the process, both the pre-treatment/conditioning and the final coating were changed. The aim is the sampling and external release of products in series production, as well as the initial sample release of new articles.

With Stellantis (PSA/FCA) and Skoda, the first car manufacturers have now confirmed the performance of the new process. The temperature, climate change and corrosion tests carried out were passed in full.

The first automotive series projects in the sophisticated interior have been approved by Daimler. Among them is also a demanding 2K part. Audi projects are currently in the final phase of EMPB approval. Further projects will follow successively.

 For assortments from the household, motorhome and electrical sectors, the changeover to series production on a large scale has already taken place.

 These steps are important for the upcoming complex conversions of other plants in the next few years, including the numerous re-sampling processes within the supply chains, which will take several years to complete. The conversion of the next 2 series plants has already been scheduled.



Decorative and
Functional Surfaces


Coatings from SAXONIA Galvanik have various properties which are very much in demand in the automotive and the electronic industries. The many years of experience, comprehensive process expertise, highly qualified employees, as well as the use of the most up-to-date equipment guarantee excellent results as well as an increase in the quality of the coated surfaces.

With about 30 million polyamide parts as well as approximately 60 million single and multi-component parts per year, the company can be regarded as one of the world's leading suppliers of metallised synthetics. In addition to routine production, SAXONIA Galvanik has also established itself as a development partner for the most diverse companies and has decisively influenced the state of technology in the field of interior surfaces.

Since 2020, it has been possible to coat the first assortments completely free of chromium6 in a process- and series-safe manner. In 2020, several hundred thousand series parts have already been produced and delivered chrome6-free. Further plant conversions and project conversions are in preparation.

As a result of our close co-operation with clients, partners and various institutes, the company also possesses the potential and the ability to provide future successful material combinations and solutions. Helped by the input of over 450 employees, SAXONIA Galvanik serves a growing international client base.

With four large plants, which permit a capacity of approximately 1,500 m² of metallised surface per day, as well as modern equipment for qualitative investigations, SAXONIA Galvanik is very well equipped to fulfil challenging requirements, in particular those of the automotive industry. In recent years, in co-operation with specialised research partners, we have been able to introduce and optimize different procedures. In this way, it is possible to securely coat highly complex parts and to fulfil the demanding quality controls of our clients.